Advanced technology is found in every facet of today’s automobile. It’s in the controls, the entertainment, and now even in the materials. Advanced plastic products are increasingly taking on the role of traditional materials as OEMs drive for lighter, more efficient vehicles that raise the standards for performance and value.

CON-Pearl® NA offers a family of engineered products that is helping automakers meet the standards of tomorrow. With a focus on lamination technology, the CON-Pearl®, CON-Foam™ and CON-Cover™ products are finding their way into vehicles near you.


CON-Pearl® Load Floor


CON-Cover™ Molded Trunk Lining


CON-Cover™ Seat Protectors

Green technology is an important ingredient in the CON-Pearl NA products. Green technology starts with designing all products for recycling. No adhesives are used. All components are polypropylene based and compatible.

We take green technology one step further by incorporating recycled content into the production of these products. By strictly controlling the sourcing and processing of recycled materials, we are able to produce high-quality products from materials that would otherwise be landfilled. In this way, we are helping automakers realize their vision of recyclable vehicles.


  • PP
  • PP/PE
  • PP-TV
  • TPE
  • TPO

CAD Equipment

  • CATIA V5

Application Examples

  • Storage compartment covers
  • Floor coverings
  • Trunk mats
  • Artificial leather
  • Wheel house liners
  • Sound deadening materials
  • Bumper protectors
  • Side wall paneling
  • Door paneling
  • Trunk linings
  • Compartment trim

CON-Foam Sidewalls
CON-Pearl Loadfloor

con-pearlCON–Pearl® lightweight tri-laminate plastic boards for interior applications.  It is lighter in weight than other customary materials and provides protection with outstanding impact resistance. CON-Pearl is also highly durable and resistant to scratches. When combined with textiles, such as fleece, foam, or TPO materials, CON-Pearl provides versatility and value for new automotive applications.

High quality side wall covering with grained surface   |   Trunk floor panel Load floor and interior floor with anti-slip or abrasion resistant surfaces Spare wheel cover   |   Special applications in the vehicle

CON–Foam™ lightweight boards provide the vehicle construction industry with expanded and new opportunities, formability and surfaces. CON-Foam is a lightweight foam, sandwiched between lightweight films which delivers a strong and versatile material.

Interior door paneling   |   Trunk lining   |   Seat stiffening Sidewall paneling   |   Roof liner

CON–Base™ basic boards save weight with smaller loads. The CON-Base board consists of two thermally connected foils made of polypropylene. In comparison to CON-Pearl and CON-Foam, CON-Base is a bi-laminate and is outstandingly suitable as replacement for hollow core panels and cardboard.

Vehicle trim   |   Special applications in vehicles and motor homes

Film applications PP/PE films with and without foam coating are used in a wide variety of applications. Films can be produced in in a wide variety of material combinations (PP, PP-TV, PP-TV reclaim, PP/PE).

Film components serve as covers to protect other mechanical functions, such as springs and operators in seats.