Packaging Industry

Continuing to revolutionize packaging technology

CON-Pearl has revolutionized packaging technology and has established itself as the benchmark in lightweight sleeves and boards for reusable packaging systems. The CON-Pearl packaging systems are up to 80% lighter than conventional transport containers and they are collapsible, which offers a return ratio of 8:1. Additionally, ease and safety of handling are also benefits of a CON-Pearl packaging system.

Together with a pallet and lid, the closed boxes and containers guarantee safe, clean and dust-free transport. These robust packaging systems are weather-proof, usable under all climate conditions and are resistant to chemicals. CON-Pearl sleeves can be manufactured to fit any pallet system in the market, qualifying it for new packaging systems, as well as a replacement for other types of packaging.

At the end of their life cycle, CON-Pearl boxes and sleeves are taken back and processed to make new raw materials for CON-Pearl Packaging systems CON-Pearl packaging systems are a smart investment in long lasting capital goods.

Green Technology

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Packaging Industry possibilites of Applications

  • Sleeves for all common pallet systems
  • Stiffening components and inserts
  • multiway packagings
  • Intermediate layers
  • big cargo carriers
  • Lightweight cases and flight cases
  • all kinds of packagings and compartments
  • Special drums
  • cargo carrier linings

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