CON-Pearl Boards


CON-Pearl® epitomizes our approach to economical and ecological solutions. CON-Pearl is a lightweight polypropylene board that is made using recycled materials and is recyclable in industrial recycling systems. Made from a 3-layer material, CON-Pearl is exceptionally strong in every direction. The key is the middle-layer, where pearls are formed in the polypropylene film for multidimensional stability. The two outer skins lock the structure into a stiff, strong and lightweight board.

Applications: CON-Pearl’s key properties of stiffness, strength and resistance make it ideal for applications such as:

  • Vehicle components: interior panels, partitions and tire covers
  • Reusable sleeves for returnable packaging
  • Protective dividers for delicate parts
  • Custom cases for electronic equipment and musical instruments
  • Advertising and P-O-P display panels
  • Flight cases
  • Partitions and displays
  • Innovative coextrusions




  • Thermally insulating
  • Lightweight
  • Easy fabrication
  • Acoustically insulating
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Resistant to water
  • Non-corrosive



Extensive color range


Array of surface laminations


Sealed edges