Pallet Top Box


The Pallet Top Box works equally well with wood or plastic pallets.

CON-Pearl® Pallet Top Box

Made from a 3-layer material, CON-Pearl sleeves are exceptionally strong in every direction.

The key is the middle layer, where pearls are formed in the polypropylene f lm for multidimensional stability. The two outer skins lock the structure into a stiff, strong and lightweight board.



  • Box made of CON–Pearl® (talcum reinforced light weight board made of polypropylene)
  • High rigidity
  • Low cost packaging concept
  • Can be stored outdoors
  • Simple handling
  • Fits securely over a wood or plastic pallet to create a shipping container
  • Talcum reinforced for a rigid, lightweight structure
  • Resistant to tearing, impact, compression
  • Excellent flexural strength
  • Lighter weight than similar corrugated sleeves


  • Loading doors in several different sizes
  • Door locks: hook & loop fasteners or mechanical slide locks
  • Printing one to four colors on one to four sides
  • Customized colors
  • Label placards or envelopes
  • Sealed edges for hygiene
  • Custom dividers and dunnage to protect smaller pieces
  • Lids available in standard and custom sizes

Living Hinges

Tested to over 200,000 cycles, the living hinge of the CON-Pearl sleeve is designed to provide years of utility.

Formed from a combination of heat and pressure in a proprietary process, the performance of the living hinge of the CON-Pearl sleeve is far superior to other sleeves available in the market.